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Aleutian Electrocution!

July  28, 29 & 30  |  2023
Metal Art Studio
End of Captains Bay Rd.
(907) 359-5049

• Fire Performance

•  Metal Artwork Exhibit

• Interactive Painting

• Electrical Art Installation

• 21+ Only
• B.Y.O. Poison
• Costumes Encouraged!
• No Pets Allowed
• Dress Dutch Harbor Appropriately
• Parking/Camping Options Available
• Donations Appreciated **
• Leave No Trace
To contact the Machálek's with questions or to volunteer for the festival, please
**Donations go towards offsetting cost of the event and paying venue assistants.

Aleutian Electrocution is an annual weekend-long event held during the summer in Unalaska, Alaska. It is a place where participants have an opportunity to experience and engage in radical self-expression and inclusion in a unique Alaskan environment. Organized entirely by passionate volunteers, the art and entertainment at the event is intended to be interactive and create a transformative experience for the community. Attendees are encouraged to contribute to the whimsical atmosphere by participating (rather than merely spectating) in the festivities. Bringing creative costumes, art, games, and refreshments to share are very much appreciated!

The event takes place over two days, with a Saturday night party and a Sunday daytime open-mic showcase. In previous years the 21+ Saturday party has included electronic DJ sets, fire-dancing performances, a metal artwork exhibition, electrical art installations, interactive painting, games, and fireworks (among other surprises)! The Sunday open mic welcomes local musicians, bands, and performers of any kind to share their creative talents in a family-friendly setting. A circus-style tent is erected over the main stage and dance floor to shield attendees from the elements so that each day of the event can be enjoyed in either rain or shine.  

Aleutian Electrocution is held at the end of Captains Bay road in Karel & Marie Machálek’s metal art shop, with beach bonfire and camping options available on site. Organizers work very hard to make this a Leave-No-Trace event, meaning that attendees must respect the environment and be committed to cleaning up any garbage after themselves at all times. Responsible consumption is critical for the safety and success of the event and participants should expect to BYOB, though in the past there has never been a shortage of food and drink to share. Please contact the Macháleks with any inquiries or to join the volunteer team. If you’re lucky enough to be in Unalaska over the summer, don’t miss one of the most magical experiences the Aleutian Islands has ever seen! 

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